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Autism Vancouver - The neural development disorder labeled autism is usually characterized by impaired communication, social interaction and by repetitive and restricted behavior. These characteristics would often become present before the child reaching the age of three.

Autism affects the way the nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize and this affects the way information is processed in the brain. Why and how this takes place is not greatly known. There are 3 known disorders in the autism spectrum: Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified, which is commonly abbreviated as PDD-NOS, and Asperger Syndrome. Asperger Syndrome lacks delays within cognitive and language development. PDD-NOS are diagnosed when the full set of criteria for Asperger Syndrome or autism are not met.

Genetics seem to be strongly linked with autism. The genetics of autism have proven to be quite complex and it is unclear whether some conditions of autism are explained by rare combinations of common genetic variants or by rare mutations in the genes. In several circumstances, autism is strongly associated with agents which cause birth defects. There have been controversies surrounding proposed environmental reasons including pesticides and heavy metals. At one point there was concern about childhood vaccines although this hypotheses is biologically implausible and lacks strong scientific evidence.

The prevalence of autism throughout the world currently affects 1 to 2 people for each one thousand. The CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention within the United States, reports that around 9 out of one thousand kids are diagnosed with a form of autism. Ever since the 1980s the number of people diagnosed has dramatically increased. This can be partially due to the changes in diagnostic procedures. It is hard to determine if the actual prevalence has increased.

Parents would normally begin to notice symptoms of autism in the first 2 years of their kid's life. The indications would slowly develop, whereas several children would initially develop more normally and then they regress. Early behavioural therapy or cognitive intervention can help autistic kids gain communication skills, self-care and social skills.

There have been several cases where children have recovered, although there is no known treatment. Some people believe that changes to the diet and the prevention of certain environmental chemicals and additives will help to cure this condition. The majority of kids with autism do not live separately when they become adults, but some have become successful.


The characteristics of autism are often very variable. At first, this neuro-developmental disorder appears in early childhood and typically follows a steady course without remission. Several indications appear about 6 months of age and afterward become more established by age 2 or 3, and can continue into adulthood. Autism is characterized by a triad of signs consisting of: restricted interests, communication impairments, repetitive behavior and impairment in social interaction.

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