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Crystal Healing Vancouver - The method of using crystals and gemstones is known as crystal healing. These stones are aids so as to help heal, protect and energize the mind and physical body. Crystal healing has been existing for centuries. It has its origins in Ancient Egypt and there is proof that China and India have been using crystals in several healing rituals for more than 5000 years. These days, crystal healing is regarded as an alternative medicine practice but its roots show it was part of several regular health treatments before.

Crystals are thought by many to help people on lots of levels. It is believed that crystals can affect the vibrational patterns of the person's auras and surrounding energy fields, hence balancing the the mind and body. Gems are believed to carry their own energy vibrations and their energy can be utilized to an individual's electromagnetic system for augmentation. Crystal therapy aims to transfer the energy contained in gemstones to a person who is in need of that same type of energy.

People who utilize crystal healing like the benefits of the stones by wearing the gems near their body, or in a pocket near the heart. Lots of crystal healers would rub gemstones on the person or make use of them directly on chakra points which are the energy centers of the body. Using the gemstones on the chakras helps to facilitate the healing, cleansing and stabilizing of energy emanating from each chakra. Gemstones in the corresponding colors of indigo, violet, red, orange, yellow, green and blue could be positioned next to their matching colored chakra. The stones could likewise be situated close to or onto any chakra which would benefit from the healing properties of a certain stone.

If a patient is trying to discourage negative attitudes and different factors that impede their function in everyday life, crystals can be utilized in these situations so as to restore the natural flow of energy. It is very much discouraged to put on metal while undergoing crystal healing. It is said that metal acts as an energy stopper. Metal surrounding gemstones is believed by some to be specially detrimental in view of the fact that it disrupts the energy flow coming from the gemstone. Because of this, individuals who want to have on gemstones as part of their crystal therapy usually acquire jewelry together with gemstones that are not set in gold or silver.

An important factor in a gemstone's effectiveness is the condition of the stones. The more pure and higher quality the gemstone, the more healing properties it is believed to have. Hence, stones which have been irradiated or dyed may have less healing potential as they have been synthetically processed, made or damaged. The size, color and shape of the crystals likewise play a role in their healing properties.

Advocates and believers of crystal healing reported lowered physical and mental stress levels, along with improved health and spiritual refinement. Furthermore, certain crystals are normally utilized in order to heal particular sicknesses. Normally, each and every gemstone utilized in crystal therapy is known for specific healing properties attributed to it and is utilized depending on a patient's needs.

The majority of practitioners recommend that the gemstones be energized and cleansed previous to a session of healing starts. Gemstone can be washed in water, next set out in the moonlight or sunlight. Various people utilize sound to push away whichever negative energy contained inside the stones. Making a pure sound with chiming a bell or making use of a gong near the stones promotes the renewal of energy inside the stones and makes them ready for a new person to utilize.

Advanced crystal healing ways include certain gemstones that have been crafted into wands. The wands are then used in order to help remove blockages, redirect positive energy and remedy illness as sort of a "psychic surgery." It is important to note that although various individuals have found results after participating in psychic surgery, it is not recommended to substitute crystal healing for primary medical care. Crystal healing is better considered as a supplemental source of care for people who want improved vitality, energy and health.

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